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What to read to children and their parents

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And today we have chosen incredibly useful and informative novelties for you.

“The Book of Happiness” by Leo Bormans

This beautifully illustrated book will teach you and your child about true happiness. The book is based on the scientific principles of positive psychology and the concept of positive thinking. It contains 10 unrelated, but united by a single meaning, stories. Their heroes are rare birds that behave just like people. They will tell you about dreams, relationships, sincerity, warmth, awareness, and determination. You will also learn many interesting facts from the life of these birds.

The Big Elephant by Jenny Desmond

What do you know about elephants? Certainly some general facts. This book will help you dive deeper into the world of large animals. Elephants have lived on Earth for millions of years and are very intelligent. Elephants have an excellent memory and even in the endless desert they know exactly where to go, because they remember the places where they found food many years ago. Elephants are sociable and empathetic animals. They are able to be very gentle and attentive to each other. And we should take care of them and take care of them.

“Chevostyk’s plasticine laboratory” Lyudmila Senshova and Olga Chtak

This wonderful book combines 40 sculpting workshops with amazing facts on various topics. While the child is busy sculpting, you read. Through creativity, the child learns about how the human cell is arranged, what is inside the fish, what are the roots of plants, what is hidden at the bottom of the ocean and what the soil consists of. All shapes for modeling are extremely simple, the process is scheduled in stages. You can even mold a plasticine model of the ISS and there will be nothing complicated about it. Knowing the world through creativity is fun and not boring!

Read to your child every day. Read only good and useful books. And don’t forget about development yourself!

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