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WoW Classic – What’s Next

The last content update for WoW Classic is scheduled to arrive on December 1st. This is Phase 6 and it will bring the last piece of content. The longer than one-year update schedule is coming to an end and this means that there is no more content to look forward to. Phase 6 brings the end-raid, Naxxramas. This is where we fight against Kel’Thuzad and wrap up the original WoW Classic story. Players are already wondering what will happen next.

The Burning Crusade servers were soft-confirmed earlier this year when Blizzard did a poll asking players how would they like to transition into WoW’s first expansion should they release TBC servers. So, we can say that the next phase for WoW Classic is to release TBC servers. The first expansion brought not just more content but also much-needed updates and changes, such as the dual specialization feature.

Some players look forward to TBC just as much as they’ve looked forward to WoW Classic servers. Others believe that the game was at its best in TBC and their fondest WoW memories are from that time.  Blizzard is certainly aware that TBC servers would draw a lot of players. We can expect that the TBC re-release will happen just like the WoW Classic one. We will have several update phases that gradually bring the expansion to its final stage.

Many players wish to play TBC but some players want WoW Classic to stay in its vanilla stage. Some even want the game to progress horizontally. This means to add more content for level 60, similar to what Jagex did with Old School Runescape. While this might be a dream come true for some players, the chances of this happening are extremely low. We realize that there was a time when Blizzard was adamant about not opening vanilla servers but they changed their minds after seeing the huge demand.

However, there aren’t that many players that would like horizontal progression so this would not be profitable for Blizzard. What Blizzard could do is to allow server transfers or to merge servers if certain WoW Classic servers become unpopulated. When TBC servers release, a significant portion of the players would transition and the server population would thin down. Blizzard could do something about this so the players that want to stick to WoW Classic can keep enjoying the game as they should. If you still have faith in this game and want to be stronger, you can head to GoldPiles and buy more warcraft classic gold.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)